Startup Node-ify is at CES 2019 with a smart-home device that can sense everything from temperature and weight to humidity and motion. 

The white, round puck called Axon comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, leak detector, light sensor, microphone and speaker. An additional sensor that detects weight can be screwed onto the base sensor to make a stack. 

Use cases are far and wide, ranging from measuring the weight of a dog’s water bowl to see how much water has been consumed, to sensing how long you’ve been sitting on your couch or if a cabinet has been opened. 

Straight from Palo Alto, This High-Tech Smart Sensor Debuts at CES 2019 |  Digital Trends

Axon is battery powered and connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app on your iOS or Android device. You can integrate Axon with the rest of your smart home via IFTTT. 

The team at Node-ify say the sensing puck will cost just under $30 and cloud service will cost $5 per month for the first sensor and $1 per month for each additional sensor. For more information, visit Palo Alto’s website


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